Frequently Asked Questions

This question does not have a straight answer. It depends on how you have interacted with these crypto currencies and where you are taxable. ALso, it is not the same buying/selling, receiving an airdrop, going through a hard-fork or staking a currency. Some currencies accrue interests over time that are also taxable in some countries. Many crypto tax tools help you navigate this subtleties and figure out what are you taxable on and how much you have to pay.
We have built a comparison table on our site to help you deciding this! The main information you need to find to answer this question is the country you are taxable on; how you have used crypto currencies; how many trades have you done and what exchange/wallet your trades are on. This is to guarantee you get the right tax reporting; that your trading is supported and you can import automatically your trade history.
This website does not provide legal or financial advice. All the information here provided is in an as-is basis without any guarantees. The intention is to collect a curated list of resources that can be of use for individuals trying to figure how to pay taxes on their cryptocurrency trades.