CoinTracker supports more than 35 exchanges directly through API and more than 300 exchanges via CSV file upload. Additionally, generates all IRS required forms and integrates with TurboTax and TaxAct.

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Supports multiple countries like United States, Canada, United Kindom and Australia, but also offers generic international support for all other countries. Pricing is regionalized, so you might want to verify that pricing in your country does not differ from what you can find below.

Import your trades

Directly connects via API with 38 exchanges, including all the most popular ones. Additionally, supports uploading CSV file generated from additional more than 300 exchanges, wallets and DeFi platforms.

They definitely got you completely covered on this aspect.

Tax Reporting

Official support on tax reports for United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. They mention they have partial support for every other country. Likely this means they can produce documentation that likely your tax authority would accept, but there’s no guarantee that’s the case.

Additionally, it has direct export to TurboTax and TaxAct which is very helpful if you are using this platforms already.


Pricing is divided in 4 tiers starting at just $49 and going up to $999 for unlimited transactions (but having to get a custom quote for the unlimited transactions plan in other countries).

As we’ve seen with other tools, one of the main features of each plan is the maximum amount of transactions supported. Cointracker starts with up to 100 and finishes with an unlimited plan as expected.

Interestingly, foreign tax reporting is not available in the basic plan, so you would have to pay a minimum of $149 for that plan.

What we have observed also is that the tool offers regional pricing. Depending on the country you are connected from, you might be shown different prices.