CoinTracking is one of the most complete, accurate and feature rich tracking and reporting software for crypto currencies trading.

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Here we will focus on the features that will help you with tax reporting. There’s many other analytical features that can help you look at your trades and holdings in many different ways but are out of scope.

Import your trades

CoinTracking allows you to import your trades in almost any possible way imaginable. This makes the tool very easy to use and onboard.

  • Manually: this can always be the fallback option.
  • Exchange imports: this can be done from a CSV export from your exchange or by providing an API key for CoinTracking to access your data directly.
  • Wallet imports: import directly from your wallet of choice providing API keys.
  • Bulk imports: this is like a manual import but from a CSV or Excel file.

Tax Reporting

The tools offer a simple way to create reports per year based on multiple criterias:

  • Consider previous trades or not
  • Group by day or not
  • FIFO, LIFO, and many other methods for accounting
  • Short and long-term tax percentage configurable
  • Configurable definition of long-term

Reports also include detailed calculation of how each number was obtained.


There’s tree pricing tiers: Free, Pro and Unlimited. The Free tier is rather limited but can give you a glimpse of how the tool works.

The main limitations in the Pro tier are around number of trades you can import and ways in which you can import.

Pricing is based on Bitcoin price and goes from 0.015 BTC for one year Pro tier, to 0.046 BTC for lifetime Pro license. The Unlimited tier starts at 0.031 BTC for one year and goes to 0.339 BTC for lifetime license.