Koinly is a multi-country, tax reporting service with a wide variety of options for importing transactions.

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From a purely tax reporting point of view, in our opinion, Koinly offers one of the best services. It supports multiple countries, tons of ways to import transactions, design is slick, it’s easy to use and pricing is fair.

Import your trades

Koinly offers world-class trade importing functionality. It truly is more complete, comprehensive and easier to do than other services.

I will start with some numbers to depict what I’m talking about:

  • 300+ exchanges
  • 65+ wallets
  • 10 blockchains for direct transaction import
  • 7 additional services (e.g. CoinTracking, CoinTracker, etc.)

For most of this services, they offer direct API integration which means transactions get imported frequently having always the most up to date data; or CSV file upload.

The service is truly well designed to offer the most convenience in terms of integrations.

Tax Reporting

Tax report generation has a very slick UI allowing you to configure the specific report from a big list available.

There are multiple country-specific reports from traditionally less supported countries like Sweden. This is great news and should be the direction of the industry to support all countries!

Aside from these reports there’s the traditional reports like:

  • transaction history
  • capital gains report
  • income report
  • gifts and donations report
  • lost and stolen report
  • end of year holding report
These might be useful for your tax declaration if you are from an unsupported country.


Pricing is divided in three tiers starting at $79 and going all the way up to $399. The main differentiation among them are:

  • the number of transactions that are allowed (starts at 300, going up to 10.000)
  • the type of support you get (priority or not)
  • when you get access to new features
  • and review and import assist feature


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